ACT has ‘a long-term plan’ for hazard reduction

ACT has 'a long-term plan' for hazard reduction

ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury says “what we are seeing publicly is very frustrating, as Greens policy is clear that we support hazard reduction burning and make sure that it has been informed by scientists and firies.”

Mr Rattenbury told Sky News he was “responsible for the agency that did the land management here in the territory,” and burning “isn’t always the answer, as physical removal, grazing, mowing, all these sorts of things contribute to it”.

“The strategic plan is set over five years and it is put together with firefighters, land managers, farmers, traditional custodians, as well as conservationists,” he said.

“Here in the ACT, we make sure that we have got a long-term plan and implement it,” when it comes to back-burning and management.”

Image: News Corp Australia