Actual moderator here. Only two mods are left, and neither of us even has modmail permissions so we don’t even get notified of reports. I’ve contacted the admins and am waiting for a response. Here’s what we can do in the meantime . . . : TrueCrime

So because I can’t see reports in the modmail, much less make changes to the actual subreddit or oversee automod actions, I am just drowning here. I can only see reports if I go through each comment section individually. If I am granted full permissions, I’ll start up a a thread where we can all talk about stuff like what should be allowed and what shouldn’t be, and I’ll start adding new mods. In the meantime IF YOU SEE SOMETHING REALLY OFFENSIVE THAT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED MENTION MY USERNAME (u/jessicamshannon. make sure you include the u at the beginning), tell me what the issue is, and I’ll take it down. Please be patient, as it might take me a day or two to respond. You can also summon u/staandog, because they are also a mod (albeit with the same permissions status that I have). Since a lot of the memes that get posted seem to be really popular, I’m not going to remove them until we revisit whether or not they should be allowed on the main sub.

I’m so very sorry it’s taken me so long to take more proactive steps. It’s been a tough mental health year, especially in recent months, and I’ve been spending less time on subs outside of the ones I started personally. Unfortunately that, along with the fact that I can’t see modmail, has contributed to this going unaddressed for so long.