Aussie Broadband targets business bonanza with new software offer

Aussie Broadband last year confirmed plans to list on the ASX after a successful $25 million pre-IPO raising.

Mr Britt said the listing is about growing Aussie Broadband’s customer base more organically, adding that the telco’s ability to work closely with its customers on service issues and adapt to market pressures will make it a strong competitor to major players like Telstra, TPG Telecom and Optus.

“These huge providers by their nature can’t be as nimble – the line between the person answering the phone and the people making the decision there are so many layers and that plays a big difference.”

“I quite regularly will go and sit in the call centre and listen to what’s going on on the phones, because I like a finger on how we are going and it’s the most direct way I can do it,” he said.

“Some businesses have grown through acquisitions but we are taking an approach that we want to grow organically and feel that that’s more economic than doing bulk acquisitions because there’s no guarantee that if you buy a customer base that those customers will actually stick with you.”

“If people have a choice then that’s far better,” Mr Britt added.

The company has also announced plans to launch a new NBN residential offering with unlimited data for $149 per month.

Aussie Broadband has benefited from the rollout of the NBN but Mr Britt said NBN Co needed to focus on rebuilding parts of the network as it nears rollout completion.

“The next phase (for NBN Co) should be to revisit areas that were built very early on in the project and check if the technology that those end users ended up on is still the right technology for them,” he said.