Australia coronavirus live updates: government commits $110m to seafood industry as pop-up clinic established in Bondi – latest news

Seafood producers facing financial ruin have been desperate to restart the airfreight supply chain and NSW government calls for businesses to ‘retool’. Follow live updates

10.13pm BST

The NSW police commissioner, Mick Fuller, wants people criticising those travellers, who are being quarantined in hotels, to calm their farms.

The group – about 3000 in NSW now – can’t leave their rooms, or open a window. They are being fed slapdash meals. No one can come in. And not all are in ‘five star’ rooms – and even those that are, it doesn’t necessarily mean luxury. (I used to work in hotels, and you could get a star for providing a travel hairdryer.)

I spent most of yesterday reviewing our processes around health, wellfare and security, and over the next 24 hours, we will certainly improve those.

I know there are people who are posting on social media their dissatisfaction. Look, some complaints are reasonable and we will deal with those, and there are lots of other people behaving well, and they are just glad to be home in Sydney.

10.08pm BST

Gladys Berejiklian says the supply chain interruptions means NSW needs help and is calling for businesses to “retool” to help supply equipment it needs to get through the crisis:

New South Wales relied on many different sources of equipment, including many sources overseas with no longer exist, or have been massively disrupted.

So today I’m calling on the great people of our state, those great business people, those manufacturers who are able to retool, to consider retooling, to help supply the additional things we need in coming months, whether it’s sanitisers, medical equipment and a whole host of other things which our hospitals rely on, in the coming months.

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