Australia coronavirus live updates: Rudd slams Trump’s ‘lunatic’ WHO decision as national cabinet to meet – latest news | World news

With Australia still in the suppression stage and looking at how it will begin to lift physical distancing restrictions, our view has turned to the rest of the world.

Scott Morrison has pointed to what is happening in parts of Europe and the US as an example of how the virus could have spread without the restrictions.

Australia’s two main political parties have also said they won’t be following the Donald Trump to halt funding to the World Health Organization.

The former prime minister Kevin Rudd had a few things to say about the Trump reaction, which he called a “lunatic decision” in an op ed in the Economist.

Rudd, who is part of a group of former global leaders who make suggestions on how the world could be run, says Germany, France, Britain and Canada should come together to defend institutions such as the WHO.

As AAP reports:

[Rudd] suggested the bloc of countries, which could also include Singapore and the European Union, be dubbed the M7 and “become the thin blue line that, for the interim at least, protects us against an increasingly anarchic world”.

Rudd did not include Australia.

“They could start by issuing an immediate joint statement that together they will now fill the funding gap left by the lunatic decision by Mr Trump to axe America’s financial contributions to the WHO,” Rudd wrote.

The M7, “given that Sino-American relations are beyond the control of any of us,” would form a core group of constructive powers to reform, fund and politically defend WHO, the World Food Program, the Food and Agricultural Organisation, UN High Commissioner for Refugees and WTO, he said.

Meanwhile, schools will be on Australia’s national cabinet agenda once again as the Morrison government attempts to convince the states to start planning for full on-site attendance. That is not a change in position – that is what Morrison has always wanted. He just lost the battle with the states the first time round. Let’s see what happens now that he can point to the curve actually flattening.

We’ll have that, and everything else that happens today. You have Amy Remeikis with you for most of the day. Ready? Let’s get into it.