Beijing ‘is unwavering’ on Hong Kong security laws

Beijing 'is unwavering' on Hong Kong security laws

CNN reporter Kristie Lu Stout says “China is resolute” and “refuses to budge” in its move to enforce Hong Kong’s controversial security laws.

Mainland China has officially passed new national security laws which criminalise secession, subversion of state power, terrorism and conspiring with foreign powers.

Ms Stout told Sky News the new legislation could also be applied to those who are not permanent Hong Kong residents, with those breaking the laws facing a lifetime behind bars.

“Critics say that this is crushing dissent, this undermines the autonomy of Hong Kong and it’s political institutions… it’s legal institutions,” he said.

“But supporters, including many people here in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government as well as Beijing, say it is necessary to fill a security loophole and to bring stability to the territory.”

She said there was “very stiff international pushback to this law” as some members of the international community – including the United States – threatened sanctions on China if the legislation was enforced.

“In response to these condemnations Beijing has said that it is unwavering.”

Image: AP