Beleaguered Rideau Transit Group announces new CEO

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He will be responsible for operational, maintenance and performance-related issues on the LRT project, reporting to Truchon, “and will continue to be supported by the existing team of rail experts at RTM as well as additional experts in infrastructure, rolling stock, operations and maintenance,” RTG said.

The chair of Ottawa’s transit commission, Coun. Allan Hubley, said he was pleased that a new CEO had been named.

Transit commission is not expecting to meet with Truchon until September, but the deadlines for improvements remain fixed, Hubley said.

“Leadership is key at RTG and RTM, and we’re happy the consortium was able to move quickly,” Hubley said, adding he was pleased that different people had been named to manage different roles.

“Lauch was wearing multiple hats and it must have been a challenge.”

P3s are cooperative arrangements between the public and private sectors to complete projects or to provide services over the long term.