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Hello! I have been investigating the mysterious murder case of Brett Cantor recently by myself. I am looking for anyone to help me solve this intriguing cold case! Here is some background knowledge about Cantor and his murder:

Born: November 5, 1967 Died: July 30, 1993

BACKGROUND Brett Ross Cantor was an American music promoter, record label executive, and nightclub owner. The nightclub he owned is called the Dragonfly, and he served as an A&R executive for the Chrysalis Music Group. Brett is the son of semi-known Paul Cantor, an American record executive who managed acts such as B.J. Thomas and Dionne Warwick. In addition, Brett is known for signing famous 90s bands Jane’s Addiction and Rage Against The Machine. He was also romantically involved with actress Rose McGowan (Scream, Charmed) around the time of his death. They were supposedly moving in with each other, according to Rose’s autobiography “Brave.”

THE MURDER Early in the morning on July 30,1993, Brett left a club called Club 434. He was found stabbed to death in the doorway of his home later in the morning. He had been stabbed approximately 23 times in the upper body. His throat had also been slit, leaving him nearly decapitated. He is also suspected to have been given a Colombian Necktie, in which an incision in the lower jaw is made and the tongue of the victim is pulled through it. (This has been disputed though).

OJ, RON, & NICOLE INVOLVEMENT, ETC. Some may know of Cantor and or his case primarily due to it’s involvement with OJ Simpson. The defense (OJ and his team) argued that the similarity between Cantor’s murder and Nicole Brown Simpson’s and Ron Goldman’s would show that there was another killer, therefore proving OJ’s innocence. The defense was granted access to Cantor’s “murder book” during the preliminary motions in the trial, but it was never used during the official trial. Also, in several books related to the OJ case, it has been argued that Cantor was acquainted with both Nicole and Ron. Ron is suspected to have worked as a waiter at the Dragonfly club while Nicole is suspected to have danced there with several friends on several occasions. In addition, the homicide/robbery unit that investigated Nicole and Ron’s murder is the same homicide/robbery unit that investigated Brett’s death. There is suspicion that Nicole, Ron, and Brett may have all been involved in illegal activities (drug trafficking). Around the time of Brett’s death, he was supposedly being investigated for exactly this. After Cantor’s death, there was 130,000 dollars in cash supposedly found in his office. There is also another claim that Brett’s death had $70mil attached to it due to Brett’s supposed involvement in a music deal involving Michael Jackson.

SOLVING I am looking for anyone to help me, preferably a group of people on the younger side like myself! I I know Reddit has solved cases before and it would be a pleasure to solve this one as this is one of the most interesting cases I have investigated. I do plan to make this a serious investigation, as I would like for the case to be solved (I have stated before). Throughout this investigation, I will play the role of lead detective haha, and I am looking for people who can actually help solve the case. Work should be done in the free time, as I am aware that people do have lives. Please, please help me!