Brownstein: Post-coronavirus, will Montrealers ever want another two-cheek kiss?

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Many of us — but, regrettably, not all — have become rather adept at following basic hygiene rules in seeking to ward off the coronavirus. So much so that it’s hard to imagine we’ll ever be able to return to our touchy-feely ways when — if? — our leaders give us the all-clear to resume our social lives.

It’s been fascinating to observe so many formerly blasé friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours now religiously hand-washing, social distancing and self-isolating.

Few of us ever thought much about constantly disinfecting faucets, door handles, phones, remote controls, computers and virtually every surface in our homes and cars. But here we are, obsessively cleaning these same devices.

And who ever thought of an ATM as potentially lethal? But now out comes our Purell when we get on one.

Latex gloves have become the norm for many who venture off to grocery stores, pharmacies and banks. Face masks, too — if they can be found — despite evidence that they may not be effective.