Child murderer John Edwards ‘kept machete under bed’, inquest heard

Olga Edwards would have removed her children from their schools and moved house had she been notified her estranged husband was applying for a gun licence, an inquest into the murders of the couple’s children has heard.

During Family Court proceedings over the custody of Jack, 15, and Jennifer, 13, who were later gunned down by their father, Olga laid out a long list of reasons why she and her children feared Edwards, including because he kept a machete under the bed.

The list included assaults, a stalking episode she had reported to police, and other incidents such as the fact he regularly threatened to kill one of his ex-partners “because she had taken the children away from him”.

“That was something Olga had heard every year in the relationship that bore on her mind,” her former barrister Peter Fowler told the inquest.

Olga also recorded, in a Family Court affidavit, the time Edwards showed up unannounced when she and Jennifer were selling cupcakes for an RSPCA drive, another occasion where he showed up at Jennifer’s school without warning, and his taunting Olga that “he knew where she lived” even though she kept her address a secret from him.