Chinese military approves vaccine for use by its armed forces

The militaries of major powers are often involved in vaccine research as they often have departments tasked with examining bio-hazard threats.


Martin Bricknell, a former surgeon general of the British Armed Forces, who is now professor of conflict, health and military medicine at King’s College London, said: “Any decision by a nation to preferentially vaccinate its armed forces over more susceptible members of its population would be an international signal of its prioritisation of military security over health security.”

The military approval follows China’s decision earlier this month to offer two other vaccine candidates to employees at state-owned firms travelling overseas.

Separately, AMS received an approval earlier this month to test its second experimental coronavirus vaccine in humans.

No vaccine has yet been approved for commercial use against the illness caused by the new coronavirus, but more than a dozen vaccines from more than 100 candidates globally are being tested in humans.

The Telegraph, London; Reuters