Court begins to hear of international journey Ciara’s hair exhibits took

He said he opened the boxes again a week later on July 26, 2005.

The state is relying on four critical exhibits taken from samples of Ciara’s hair from which it alleges fibres linked to Mr Edwards were found. 

One of the exhibits is known as K1 – which was examined by the FBI in 1999, and an examination of that petri dish in late 2012 allegedly found one blue polyester fibre. 

The remaining critical hair exhibits, RH17, and VW1 and VW1A (taken from AJM54) were tested in 2018-2019, after Mr Edwards’ arrest. 

Mr Hyde is being shown exhibit VW1 in a sealed plastic bag – it was in one of the boxes he opened in 2005.

He said also in the same box were two empty plastic bags – one marked K1, and the other ‘K.Glennon hair mass’.

“They’d been removed from the bag which had VW1 – the hair mass – in a bag sealed, and these were loose bags also in the [larger] bag within the box,” he said. 

So he is saying one of the boxes he examined had a large plastic bag in it, with one smaller sealed bag inside (VW1) and two loose, empty bags. 

In another of the boxes he opened was critical exhibit VW1A, a sub-sample of VW1 which was in what appeared to be a yellow-sealed envelope inside a sealed plastic bag.

When asked again what his involvement with the exhibits were he has said, “The only purpose of what we were doing was detailing what was in the boxes”.