COVID-19: Ontario seeks more federal funds to help cities; Kingston warns about another nail salon

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Premier Doug Ford said Thursday that Ontario’s cities still need access to more money as COVID-19 continues to put significant pressure on their budgets.

He called on the federal government to make it happen by providing every province and territory with additional funding, and allowing the provinces to determine their own priorities, providing the money to municipalities in Ontario’s case.

‘Cut us a cheque, gives us the flexibility,” said Ford.

“All the premiers agree – we need one thing, we need flexibility,” said Ford. “We’ll work within their guidelines, but we need the flexibility to put the money where it’s needed. The feds, with all due respect, they don’t know where every single province needs the money.”

Meanwhile, Ford announced that the province is doubling its investment in the Social Services Relief Fund for a total of $350 million. This is money that municipalities can access to provide vulnerable residents with food and shelter as they weather the pandemic in the short term, and can also use for more long-term housing projects.