Documentary or true crime with vain, balding woman… help me remember : TrueCrime

I am trying to remember a documentary (I think true crime documentary or Netflix series) I saw in the past year or two where there was a central character, a female accomplice. I forget if it was as bad as murder, or if it was some sort of fraud she had committed. I believe her character was known for always being very vain and cruel.

She is shown finally being brought to court years later, and she is noticeably balding / wearing a wig. It stands out to me because her character was shown to be that of someone who was always vain and cold/cruel.

I know that’s a strange detail but that’s all I remember – scenes of her being brought to court in a vehicle and that she was now much older and balding and seemed pathetic after her years of vanity and getting her way while being cruel/engaging in criminal behaviour and mistreating people.

Can anyone point me toward the documentary/true crime series? It’s driving me crazy!