Does anyone know what case this is? : TrueCrime

Hey! I have a memory about a case featured on ID channel (I don’t remember what show it was on, but it was for sure showing on ID.) in probably 2011-2013. The case was about a couple who has a cult-like church that revolved around using a pendulum to make decisions or something. It followed the church, their personal lives, and in the end, someone ended up shooting the either, I think the husband killed his wife. I don’t really remember much else, as this was years ago and my memory is trash. A couple of other things I remember is that the couple had this church going on in the 70s or 80s, and the murder happened after their church fell apart. I vaguely remember that someone else died in the process too. I wish I could give more details but if anyone knows what this case is I’d really appreciate it! I’d love to revisit it.