Europe reports first coronavirus fatality, after Chinese tourist’s death in France

An elderly Chinese tourist in hospital in France has died of the coronavirus, becoming the first fatality in Europe, authorities have confirmed.

France has recorded 11 cases of the virus, out of a global total of almost 67,000.

The vast majority of those suffering from the virus are in China.

The epidemic has so far killed more than 1500 people.

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French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said on Saturday she was informed on Friday that the 80-year old man, who had been treated at the Bichat hospital in northern Paris since January 25, died of a lung infection due to the coronavirus.

Coronavirus has claimed more than 1500 lives.


Coronavirus has claimed more than 1500 lives.

​Outside mainland China, there have been about 500 cases in some 24 countries and territories.

Until the death in France, there had been three deaths outside China, with one in Japan, one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines.