Found a Local Ohio Article in an 1835 Newspaper About a Woman Who Was Tarred, Feathered, and Left to Die on Accusations of Adultery : TrueCrime

As the title says! I posted this on a history sub a couple months back when I found it, but thought you guys would enjoy it as well. Found it while researching for our podcast in some Ohio archives. It’s from an April 1835 issue of the Columbus Gazette. The pictures are a bit blurry because it was a phone photo of a microfilm screen, but part of the text is below:


We saw a few days since a letter in the Courier and Enquirer, giving the details of an outrage committed upon a female in the village of Orville, Onondagua County, so horrible in its character and so revolting in its details that we could — would not believe there were monsters in human shape capable of such unparalleled cruelty…

The wife of —– Tyler, who was sent about a year since, to the State Prison, was left residing at Orville. It was rumored during the fall, that an improper intimacy existed between this woman and Mr. Young, and although no evidence of it existed and none of the decencies of life were known to be violated, a village excitement was raised against her. The embers were finally fanned into a flame, and having possessed themselves of a bucket of tar and a bag of feathers, eight men proceeded in a sleigh at 12 o’ clock at night to the house of the offender, where they confidently expected to surprise her in bed with her paramour. Breaking into the house, they found the woman in bed with her children. After searching in vain for Young, they seized the woman, dragged her, with nothing but her night clothes into the street, put a gag in her mouth, threw a blanket over her shoulders, put her into a sleigh and drove off leaving three little children alone, without fire or a light, shrieking in terror.

The monsters drove off about three quarters of a mile, took her into a field, tore off her night clothes, and with the instruments of torture prepared for the purpose, these eight unfeeling wretches perpetrated upon a defenceless and unfortunate female, an outrage of the most horrible character.

After literally enveloping the miserable woman in tar, they rolled her in a blanket, took her to an unoccupied and unfrequented barn, where they left her entirely helpless, and still gagged, to perish with cold, unless found, as she was by accident.

The cries of the children in the morning attracted the attention of the neighbors, and on learning what had occurred, a search was made for the woman. Nothing, however, was discovered till nearly dark, when a quantity of tar and feathers were found on the snow in a field where the outrage had been committed. From this spot the villains were traced to the barn, where Geogre Grinnell found the poor creature alive, but speechless and senseless!!! She was taken home and a physician sent for, who discovered that her jaw was dislocated!! Several benevolent ladies kindly assisted in relieving the suffering woman from her dreadful condition, and after several weeks her health was restored. A strong feeling of indignation ran rapidly through the community. The monsters were soon identified, and prosecutions commenced.]

The newspaper reports that the men were sentenced to pay fourteen hundred dollars to the victim.