Going to a salon is first outing in weeks for some. Here’s what to expect

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Similar scenes are being played out in hair, nail and estheticians’ salons all over the Montreal area and in Joliette since their reopening on June 15, two weeks after salons in the rest of Quebec. Look for sinks or sanitizing stations at the entrance and expect to be asked whether you have any COVID-19 symptoms — and not to come in if you do.

Although masks are mandatory only for salon workers, they are “strongly recommended” for clients, said Stéphane Roy, president of the Association Coiffure Québec, which represents about 1,000 people in the industry. Roy is co-owner with his wife, hairdresser Isabelle Lachance, of the five Oblic salons in the Montreal area, and he said that since the reopening, only two of the nearly 2,000 clients served each week have balked at wearing a mask: One agreed to wear one; the other was turned away. Roy said he has not heard reports of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in any Quebec salons.