Herzliah High School will close for two weeks because of COVID-19 outbreak

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Dr. Mylène Drouin, director of the Montreal public health department, confirmed the outbreak at Herzliah on Thursday morning as she gave an update on the latest epidemiological situation in the city. In addition to authorities posting 73 new COVID-19 cases in Montreal, they added a backlog of 222 from previous days.

“You have to understand that the outbreaks we have now in the school milieu are small ones, with the exception of this school, which had a bigger outbreak,” Drouin said.

“It’s often outbreaks of a few cases that are limited to a group or to a class of children. Clearly, the school milieu is safe for your children.”

In contrast, Drouin added, the situation at Herzliah is “more complex.”

“The principal source of these cases was in the community, the acquisition of the virus was in the community. We had a first outbreak of eight students in a class of 15, and then after that we had sporadic cases at different levels. Therefore, we had several classes that had to be isolated.