Home daycare providers reach tentative deal with Quebec

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The union representing home daycare providers reached a tentative deal with the Quebec government on Sunday.

About 10,000 daycare providers have been on strike for a week. The strike is now over and parents can send their children to home daycares on Monday.

No details of the agreement have been released.

Compensation was the main point of contention, but also allowing more children with special needs.

Home daycare workers are not paid an hourly salary but instead get a $43,000 subsidy from the government to work from their homes, plus $7 out of the $8.35 daily parent contribution.

The Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance calculates that its members make about $12.42 an hour, and want that increased to $16.75. The government disputes those calculations, noting that the providers also benefit from tax deductions.