i never be not angry at the oj simpson verdict : TrueCrime

i’ve known about this case for a very long time and i’ve only just watched the people vs oj in the past couple days and it’s so sad.

all the evidence points to it being him, he was even found liable for the murders in a lawsuit (edit: in which he was ordered to pay $33 million but only paid half a million). statistically most women who are murdered it’s done by a husband or a ex husband.

he abused nicole. his blood was found at the crime scene, there is no way the police could’ve faked that. there were no other suspects. they were his gloves, and the he made them not fit, and even if they were too small, you can still kill someone with gloves that are too small. all the evidence points to him. he killed two people, ron goldman and nicole brown simpson. it’s disgusting how he walked. two innocent, young people.

even his friend of 20 years, robert kardashian, knew he was guilty. it’s horrible what he did. and then he got away with it. i guarantee you if he wasn’t oj simpson, he would’ve been found guilty.

oj simpson is a disgusting, horrible abuser and murderer.

the prosecution fumbled with the whole case. the defence was amazing though, props to them even if he wasn’t innocent, you can’t deny they did an amazing job in a case that should’ve been set for him to be guilty.

i was talking to my mum about this trial and she said “there is no justice ever in this world for some people”. this trial was such an injustice. there will never be any justice for nicole and ron. they so desperately deserved it. i hope they’re resting in peace.

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