Johns calls for Broncos star Milford to be dropped

“We’ve spoken about Milford for the past couple of weeks, I think he needs to be dropped; I’d be putting young Dearden in and giving him a shot.


“But the halves just aren’t playing together.

“They need to blow their attack up.

“(Seibold) needs some new ideas because they are legless.

“They scored one try tonight off an intercept. They are just clueless in attack.”

Dearden played just five NRL games last season, and without a reserve grade competition running at the moment, Seibold is hesitant to play him underdone.


However, Seibold said he will look at making changes to the team’s spine to spark their attack after scoring just four tries in four weeks.

It comes as skipper Alex Glenn, who made his return from injury in Thursday night’s loss to the Knights, said it’s time for the team to ask the tough questions.

“We’ve got to have some tough conversations, we’ve got to be honest,” he said.

“The matter is, do you really want to be playing for this team?

“We’re professional athletes. We’ve got to be better, we’ve got to have each other’s back.”

Attempting to take the heat off Seibold, Glenn said the coach is not to blame for their poor form and the players need to be accountable for their own actions.

“We’ve all got to look in the mirror and say ‘are you giving 100 per cent out on that field’?” he said.

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