Jury takes less than a day to deliver verdict in West Island homicide

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A jury that began its deliberations Tuesday afternoon in the trial of Jerome Latham took less than a day to find him guilty of manslaughter in the 2018 death of Tommy Dugas.

The jury informed Superior Court Justice James Brunton before 11 a.m. Wednesday that they had decided on a verdict.

Although Latham went on trial at the Montreal courthouse on a charge of second-degree murder, the jury found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter. Shortly after his arrest in 2018, Latham was charged with first-degree murder, but that charge was reduced to second-degree murder after his preliminary inquiry last year. A conviction for second-degree murder comes with an automatic life sentence while a conviction for manslaughter, when a firearm is involved, carries a sentence that can range from a minimum of four years to a life sentence.

“I would like to thank the jury for fulfilling their civic duty,” prosecutor Philippe Vallières-Roland wrote in an email exchange with the Montreal Gazette. “They clearly took their task seriously and rendered a verdict steadfastly. They can only be commended for that.”