Kelly Glover, Utah women on Business trip in Fort Lauderdale, Disappears from hotel room in pajamas at two AM, seen walking towards exit stairs on video : TrueCrime

This is strange, Kelly was staying with female business colleague in room, who apparently found room door open and Kelly gone later. Kelly was seen on hotel video which is not shown on news report walking in pjs in bare feet holding a water bottle and headed towards hotel exit stairs.

She was not seen outside the building. Not sure if that means it was because she never left building on foot or because not enough cameras. She has been missing about two days.

What could have happened?

Sleepwalking and stumbled into trouble?

Going to meet up with someone else in the hotel maybe on the same business trip?

Going outside for a walk?

Looking to buy drugs?

Distraught or suicidal?

Met someone on dating app she wanted to meet? Doesnt seem to make sense, wouldnt that be on her phone left behind?

Just up to buy a snack or get ice? Why no ice bucket though? Maybe had a couple dollars with her to buy snack. Just a guess not reported.

Maybe headed to lobby to see if they had aspirin or whatever?

Maybe abducted by fellow guest or employee inside the building, harmed and removed in suitcase or thrown in trash?

Maybe abducted outside building by someone?

Maybe drowned in ocean?

Apparently left purse and phone in room.

Any ideas?

Second edit. My thought is she was headed to front desk for aspirin and inadvertently ended up outside or got abducted inside out of view of cameras.

Edit. A little unclear what she was wearing. May have had a white shawl over her pajamas. Maybe as a robe? According to this news report.