Making 29 intersections safer for cycling would cost $32M, report says

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Bike Ottawa president Heather Shearer said awareness of safety problems is a good first step, but at some point the city needs to direct money to fix the problems.

“We’ve reached the point that Ottawa is asking for accountability and what we’re seeing is accounting,” Shearer said Tuesday.

“What now? Without a recommendation for action it seems like a hollow effort.”

The staff report says the city initially identified 74 intersections but dropped 44 of the locations because they were either already parts of existing projects that have undergone safety reviews or outside of municipal jurisdiction.

The 30 remaining intersections were sent to a consultant, Alta Planning + Design, which removed the intersection of Bank Street and Riverside Drive North because bridge modifications would be required, falling outside of the study’s scope.

According to the city, the reviews of the intersections were considered from the perspective of cyclists and pedestrians. For that reason, the city warns council that “designs should not be considered as final recommended designs” because they still need to go through the functional design process with consultations.

The design costs are considered Class D, which is a highly preliminary cost estimate, and they don’t include expenses related to property acquisitions, hydro line burials and traffic signals.

The proposed modifications include cycle tracks and protected intersections.