Melbourne curfew and coronavirus state of disaster

Melburnians are no longer allowed to be 5km from home under tough stage four lockdown rules.

That means you must shop at the nearest supermarket and exercise on local streets or the nearest park.

But how can you tell how far is too far?

Is my favourite supermarket in the next suburb OK to visit or will I have to go to the smaller one in the next street?

Google Maps lets your measure the distance between two points.

Put in your address, choose Directions, type in your destination address and choose mode of transport.

This will give you a good guide if its safely within 5km or near the limit.

Locations near the limit should be avoided, Premier Dan Andrews says.

There are several radius-based map tools available on the internet by doing a Google search.

When deciding how far to travel for groceries or exercise, the Premier has urged Melburnians to show common sense.

If a closer alternative is available, choose it.

To exercise, use local parks, paths and streets.

Staying within your own suburb – or a neighbouring suburb – is generally a good guide.

As Daniel Andrews said on Sunday: “If you have to spend more than a moment thinking about whether you should do it, just make the answer no.

“I will do the right thing, do the commonsense thing.

“I won’t try and look for a loophole.

“I won’t try and bend the rules.

“I won’t try and make the pandemic work for me.

“We need to accept that we all have to do things differently.

“Unless we all accept that and embrace it, then we will be in this for longer than we should be.”