Monash Freeway shooting: man shot dead by Victoria police in Melbourne | Melbourne

Police shot a man dead on the Monash Freeway in Melbourne on Thursday morning.

There are limited details on what led up to the shooting, however Victoria Police have confirmed they arrived at the scene around 9.30 am and the man was armed.

“It is believed responding officers were negotiating with the man when he was shot by police and died at the scene,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

Aerial footage shows a body on the road and multiple police vehicles and paramedics present, with a section of the freeway taped off.

The incident occurred on an on-ramp of the Monash Freeway, in North Dandenong.

All city-bound lanes of the Monash Freeway were closed at Heatherton Road near Eastlink on Thursday morning, with cars and trucks potentially trapped for hours.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said there was no ongoing threat to the community.

“Homicide Squad detectives will investigate the incident which will be oversighted by Professional Standards Command, as per protocol when a police firearm is discharged,” she said.

Police Association secretary, Wayne Gatt, told the Herald Sun that police acted in self-defence.

“We understand our members have been involved in a shooting incident earlier today,” he said.

“Our understanding is that members have acted in self-defence, operating in an extremely dangerous environment.

The Department of Transport is urging motorists to exit the freeway as soon as they can. 

“The scene is under the control of Victoria Police. The Monash Freeway will open as soon as it is safe to do so,” the department said in a statement. 

Mt Eliza man Ben told ABC radio he witnessed a “stand-off” between police and a man. 

“They’ve shut down the Monash Freeway going inbound and they had guns drawn on the assailant,” he said.

“I don’t know if it was a pursuit and they’ve pulled him up over there, or why he was in that position.”