Mum’s mental health prevents her from doing laundry for months

Caitlin’s viral video saw hundreds of other mothers feel relief that they weren’t the only ones.

Some people don’t think twice doing the mundane chore on constant repeat of throwing on a load of wash, hanging it out, bringing it in, folding it and putting it away.

But others can even bear it because the mere thought of taking on the task sends them into a spin.

Canadian mum-of-two Caitlin Fladager is one of those people.

The 26-year-old has a following of 330K on Instagram as she candidly shares her ongoing battle with mental health.

She posted a video last week about the epic struggle with doing the family’s laundry – so much so that she hadn’t touched it in months.

Caitlin captioned the clip: “Mental health matters. We are not just ‘lazy’.”

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The struggle is real for Caitlin on a daily basis. Source: caitlinfladager/Instagram

“I had to take many breaks…”

“I have struggled with depression for years, I always know when it’s getting bad again when my laundry hasn’t been done in months,” Caitlin explains.

“Today, I finally forced myself to do it all. It was hard.

“I had to take many breaks and remind myself I am doing the best I can.”

The video has had 85K views 500 comments so far – proving that her issue has well and truly struck a chord with her followers.

The mammoth chore took seven hours including a trip to the shop to pick up more hangers – but she got there in the end.

“When I finished I got very emotional. I did it. It took months for me to but it’s done… finally,” Caitlin admitted with a great sense of accomplishment.

She went onto to explain why – what so many see as simple task – is so much more than that to the young mum.

“The clutter made my anxiety worse but my depression made me not want to do anything about it.”

The mammoth chore took seven hours – but she got there in the end. Source: caitlinfladager/Instagram

“He knew I would do it when I could – when I was ready”

Caitlin then once again sung the praises of her ever-supportive husband.

“Thank you to my husband who never pushed me, only gave me gentle reminders,” she said.

“He knew I would do it when I could – when I was ready.”

So many other mums felt the same pain. Source: caitlinfladager/Instagram

“This happens to me too!”

Fellow mums were quick to praise her honesty, with many admitting to feeling the exact same pain.

“Yep, same. You also know it’s bad when someone OFFERS to do your laundry…”

“This happens to me too! I love your page cause I can relate so much.”

“I do this too and in turn, it causes me extreme anxiety. Oh the revolving door of anxiety and depression.”

“I thought I was the only one whose anxiety and depression manifested this way. This is 100000% me.”

While one mum shared a helpful tip to get a few chores done each day.

“Every day I choose 4 songs, and I clean for that amount of time. It’s around 15-20 minutes a day that just keeps on top of the smaller chores.”