Netflix Documentary The Staircase – Michael Peterson, innocent or guilty? : TrueCrime

So I know the documentary came out in 2018, and I’m not sure if others have posted previously or not, but I just finished this documentary and I am STUCK. *SPOILERS

As I’m watching this, I first thought – guilty. He has to be, there is no possible way someone falls down the stairs and THAT much damage is inflicted. And the fact that his previous wife also died in the same manner. I mean COME ON. But then I continue to watch and it’s interesting that she already had medical conditions that would of made her more susceptible to experience more blood loss than most. The children, who are from the first marriage, are just so sure he’s innocent. They back him from the first day up until the last. You can see the prosecution attacking and using his sexuality against him and it’s infuriating…..but then in other scene’s I look at his face and I’m like “He’s a psychopath. He’s just a really good liar.” There is something creepy just not genuine about him that makes me think he could be guilty. On the other hand I also think a part of me thinks he’s innocent and I think a lot of that stems just from his children and his lawyer David. Davis is smart, quick, and a go-getter. He really has a fight in him and his persistence sticks with you. The kids are just so torn up. They love him and they put him on this pedestal and you almost feel guilty for thinking a family man could murder not one, but two of his wives.

I can’t figure out if I think Michael Peterson is guilty or if he’s innocent and I’ve just watched too many crime documentaries that now I think I’m an expert at identifying psychopaths. Thoughts??