NSW Treasurer urges govt to adopt GST reform

NSW Treasurer urges govt to adopt GST reform

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet is continuing his push to convince the government to increase the GST as part of a broad reform package designed to kick-start the economy still reeling from COVID-19.

Mr Perrottet, along with former senior bureaucrat Jane Halton, and former deputy prime minister John Anderson, handed down an 100-page report on Wednesday outlining a broad swathe of reforms, including broadening the base of the GST and abolishing stamp duty.

Sky News Political editor Andrew Clennell said Mr Perrottet’s push has been overshadowed by the government’s $270 billion defence boost.

“Two of those on the premier’s panel recommending these changes are from the government’s own COVID commission, former Telstra boss David Thodey and former senior bureaucrat Jane Halton.

“Halton said at the press club today that when GST was introduced, there was always a view that there would come a time where it was just not doing enough at 10 per cent and there needed to be more reform.

“She said this is that time.”

This week marked the 20th anniversary of the GST passing the parliament.