Opinion: Educating youth is an essential part of battle against racism

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In the past few days, communities around the world have mobilized to denounce the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minnesota. During this global pandemic, with many suffering from the devastation it has caused, we are beginning to turn our attention to another deadly virus: hate.

Racism and injustice have plagued our societies for too long. We have allowed them to fester, to spread and to contaminate our institutions. We cannot let this go untreated. Preventative anti-racism education should be our first response. 

The United States is not an exception, but a mirror to a new normal. In Canada, Indigenous, black, Asian and Jewish communities have long been the targets of discriminatory policies and racist treatment, even by those who represent justice and the law; more recently, Muslim communities have been added to that list. Online and offline, these communities are the victims of vicious hate-fuelled attacks.