Opinion: MMFA trustees wish to ‘set the record straight’

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The Minister of Culture and Communications has appointed an expert who is currently leading a series of interviews and meetings in order to shed light on the events. The expert has received, under extreme confidentiality, the report that led, among other things, to the decision of the board of trustees to terminate the contract of the former director general of the museum. Now, we must wait for the results of this work which, we hope, will finally turn the page on this unfortunate chapter for the museum and its employees. We would hope that all those participating in this debate will show similar wisdom.

Roger Fournelle and Michaela Sheaf are vice-chairs of the MMFA board of trustees. This article is also signed by board members Alix d’Anglejan-Chatillon, Clare A Chiu, Jonathan Deitcher, Michel de la Chenelière, Sylvie Demers, Marcel Elefant, Sari Hornstein, Jean Houde, Sénateur Serge Joyal, G. Pierre Lapointe, Brian M. Levitt (honorary president), René Malo, Stéphanie Marchand, Lillian Mauer, Alanis Obomsawin, Jacques Parisien (honorary president), Jessica Pathy, Rémi Quirion and Julia Reitman.

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