Others intrigued by Joseph Wambaugh’s Echoes in the Darkness? After 15 years I am still fascinated by the madness of it all. : TrueCrime

I originally read Echoes in the Darkness over 15 years ago and the story still intrigues me. For those unfamiliar, Wambaugh details the circumstances surrounding the 1979 murder/disappearance of Susan Reihert and her two children. The media referred to it as the “Main Line Murder Case.”

The whole affair is surreal because a lot of people (good people??) knew the murder would happen, conspired to commit murder and actively helped beforehand but all would claim they didn’t actually think a murder would happen.

To be honest, the people (a literal mix of wealthy/middle class Catholic educators at an elite high-school) would be ripe Coen Brothers material and I’ve never understood why the case doesn’t receive more attention.

Anyway, I was wondering who else is familiar with the book or the case itself?