Ottawa’s school breakfast program transformed into food pack deliveries for families

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The charity that provides free in-school breakfast for 13,500 Ottawa children will begin delivering food packages directly to food agencies instead this week.

The Ottawa Network for Education says it will begin the first wave of breakfast-pack deliveries Tuesday to community food banks and the city’s shelters for homeless families.

Each kit contains 18 days of breakfast, including fresh fruit, milk in Tetra packs, cereal or bagels, wholegrain crackers, applesauce and granola bars.

The network provides breakfasts to children at all four school boards. Schools are closed for an indefinite period because of COVID-19, but children still need the food, says the network.

Deliveries start Tuesday to food agencies in neighbourhoods where there are high-needs families, said Carolyn Hunter, director of the network’s Ottawa School Breakfast Program.

The families are already going to the agencies for food, she said. The network plans to expand delivery of the breakfast kits across the city as quickly as possible.