Santaco, Mbalula agree to work together to find solutions for taxi industry

Last week, Santaco operators in Gauteng shut down their operations to express unhappiness about the relief Mbalula announced for the sector.

In a joint statement issued on Friday, Santaco and the ministry said they have noted statements made in the media and have agreed this was not how to properly engage with one another.

“The parties regret the unfortunate pronouncements in the media and have made commitments towards finding lasting solutions that are commuter-centred and will be mutually beneficial to all citizens of our country.”

The parties said they have agreed to afford Mbalula time and space to further engage with the cabinet and the national coronavirus command council on the proposals submitted by the taxi industry.

“Both parties are cognisant that a lasting solution will come out of thorough constructive engagements within the confines of the Covid-19 protocols, and being mindful of the ever-escalating scourge of the pandemic as well as the fiscal constraints in which the country finds itself.”