Shady south-end crime ‘haven’ motel will be closing

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Bylaw Chief Roger Chapman also indicated that a motel rep told his branch that the motel was in the process of closing operations.

“It is certainly my hope that this comes to pass as the situation has been going on far too long and the surrounding community has been more than patient,” Egli said

The two-storey motel south of Hunt Club Road became such a problem for law enforcement, paramedics and building officials that the city filed an application in Superior Court in summer 2019 to have the place closed, at least on a temporary basis.

The city is relying on a section of the Ontario Municipal Act that allows a judge, after considering an application from a municipality, to shut down a premises because of “public nuisance.”

It was the first time the city attempted to use the legislation to shut down a problematic property and there were only two other times that municipalities made similar applications to the courts since the section of the Municipal Act came into force in 2006. The law allows a maximum closure of two years.

The city’s court application chronicled years of police calls to the motel and cited 353 police records related to the property. There had been an “endless cycle of drug overdoses and crime” at the motel in the three years before the court received the city’s request, according to the court document.

Activities at the motel “continue to have a spillover effect on the surrounding community and it has created a real concern for public safety and nuisance,” the city said in its application.