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Shazam no match for real-lifesuperheroes throughout us

Re: “Warner Bros. fights again with ‘Shazam!’ ” (Web page A2, April eight):

Hollywood is obsessive about faux superheroes — they’re a cash machine. Shazam is successful. If Shazam have been actual, I’d name him a superhero, however he’s not.

Few films about real-life individuals are large sellers and it’s all about films that may generate money move. Can Shazam fend off the IRS from the tax you owe? How in regards to the girl who works two jobs to assist three youngsters? Or the janitor who works 14-hour shifts? Or the dishwasher within the again who’s working regardless of his tendinitis? I met a bus driver who was going to work regardless of having abdomen cramps. Silly or tremendous? What in regards to the physician who can save your life? These are superheroes to me. When was the final time Shazam mopped the ground on the Vacation Inn?

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