Sir David Attenborough leaves Instagram, after breaking records on the platform

Sir David Attenborough​ made Instagram history as he earnt one million followers in less than five hours just a few weeks ago.

But the environmentalist and broadcaster has now departed Instagram, leaving one last video message to followers – a warning about the future.

David Attenborough has quit Instagram.


David Attenborough has quit Instagram.

“And that’s it, I’ve passed on the things I wanted to share. There are others on social media who can pick up the threads from here,” he said in the video.

In his final message on Instagram, Attenborough​ said the climate crisis brought with it great oportunities to improve the way we life on earth. He said there was hope, but he did not shy away from the severity of this challenge.

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“When I began my career, I had no idea I would be chronicling a story of change on such a planetary scale, one with such profound implications for all life on Earth. We have brought ourselves to the very brink of disaster, the likes of which we have never seen before.”

Attenborough​ joined Instagram just two months ago. On September 24, the 94-year-old gained more than one million followers in four hours and 44 minutes. In three days, he had 4.1 million followers on the website. The account had made just four posts by that time.

The account was primarily managed by Jonnie Hughes and Colin Butfield, who worked on the Netflix documentary A Life On Our Planet.

They wrote, “This might be a wrap for this account – we won’t be posting anything else, though the account will stay open for you to watch David’s messages – but we hope it’s a springboard for many others to build on and share the ways we might create a sustainable future.”

The account now had an updated bio which read, “Account no longer active”.