Stu on Sports: How about a wedding instead of hockey at Bell Centre?

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Birthday boy

Happy birthday to former Canadiens defenceman and Hall of Famer Larry Robinson, who turned 69 on Tuesday.

Robinson earned his 10th Stanley Cup ring last season as a senior consultant with the St. Louis Blues. Robinson won six Stanley Cups as a player with the Canadiens, one as head coach of the Devils and two as an assistant coach in New Jersey.

Robinson has said in the past that his greatest day in hockey was winning the Stanley Cup as a head coach. I asked him why that was during a phone interview from his home in Florida last summer after the Blues won the Cup.

“The only reason I said that is because when you’re a head coach you’re the man in charge and you make the final decisions,” he explained. “You’re not just making decisions about yourself. When you’re a player, you jump on the ice, you play your game and the only guy you got to worry about is yourself. But as a head coach, you’re worrying about lineups, you’re worrying about the way guys are going to react, you’re worrying if the flights are ready and if the players are getting enough rest and so on and so on. So there’s a lot that goes into being a head coach preparation wise compared to a player. That’s why I felt that one was the most memorable. But this one was kind of special in its own way, too.”