Systemic racism: Little movement on recommendations, commission says

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QUEBEC — Recommendations issued by Quebec’s Human Rights Commission nine years ago intended to combat racism in Quebec society have not been implemented, the commission reported on Wednesday.

It’s another reminder of the systemic nature of racism in the province and the need to address it, the leaders of the commission said. Their declarations struck a jarring contrast to Premier François Legault’s continued refusal to say systemic racism exists in Quebec.

“Recognizing the systemic character of discrimination is recognizing the existence of structural obstacles, persistent inequalities that prevent participation and the inclusion of everyone,” said Myrlande Pierre, vice-president of the commission. “In that sense, it is important to not reduce it to a few individual, isolated acts.”

The commission began studying racial profiling in Quebec in 2009 and, in 2011, presented a report based on interviews with nearly 150 youth, their parents, experts and representatives from community groups.