The COVID-19 epidemic has shown the UN to be ‘deeply flawed and impotent’

The COVID-19 epidemic has shown the UN to be 'deeply flawed and impotent'

The coronavirus epidemic has “shown the United Nations to be like the League of Nations was, which is deeply flawed and basically impotent,” according to The Institute of Public Affairs’ Gideon Rozner.

“Writ large what it’s revealed is the fact that rule-based order has been systematically undermined by people who not only don’t respect it but are willing to manipulate it for their own purposes”.

“Look at the facts that 80 to 90 per cent of United Nations General Assembly resolutions have been about Israel, not about brutal dictatorships and totalitarian regimes,” he told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave.

“Look at the fact that the WTO has been unable to prevent China’s systematic manipulation of trade rules, in fact it has facilitated it”.

“Look at the fact that the Human Rights Committee contains nations such as Sudan, Somalia and wait for it, Venezuela.

“Look at the fact that the WHO denied evidence of human to human transmission, dragged its feet to declare a pandemic to begin with, praised China for its handling of the crisis and at every turn failed to deal with this pandemic in the way it was set up to do.”