Trump ‘threatening to override governors by federalising National Guard

Trump 'threatening to override governors by federalising National Guard

Sky News contributor Michael Ware says US President Donald Trump “is threatening to override the power of the governors and force troops onto the streets” in a move that has only been enacted a few times, known as federalising the National Guard.

Federalising the National Guard can be utilised under a law known as the Insurrection Act of 1807, allowing the federal government to take over when there is a civil disturbance.

The National Guard is a branch of the military, which is controlled by each state governor.

“In 1957 in Little Rock, Arkansas the federalisation was used to force the state to let black kids go to school,” Mr Ware told Sky News.

“In 1967 it was federalised in Detroit, Michigan to fight riots there and the last time was in 1992 in California during the Rodney King riots,” he said.

“The big difference is that in those occasions the troops were used to go to specific places for specific things.

“This is now across the entire country.”

Image: AP