Trying to find a murder case from a few years ago : TrueCrime

Hi TrueCrime,

I hope this is an appropriate sub to ask this on.

There is a case I have been trying to find again from a few years ago and I haven’t had any luck. I recall reading about it (reported as a mysterious death/murder) when the news broke but never came across a follow-up or conclusion. It has been on my mind since as I want to know what became of it.

The details I have are:

A young woman in her 20s I believe was found deceased at the bottom of a stairwell or a few steps leading down to somewhere. Maybe a maintenance area? This happened in either the USA or Canada around 2015-2017. The only evidence police at the time were investigating was CCTV footage showing the woman the night prior walking and speaking to a young man outside a taco or kebab kiosk. I distinctly remember the screenshots showing a young man smirking and eating a taco or kebab.

That’s all I remember. I would love to put the curiosity to rest as cases don’t normally ever escape me like this.

I hope someone here knows which case I am referring to!

Thanks in advance.