Two bodies found in suitcases on Alki Beach in Seattle identified by police- who are they? : TrueCrime

If you haven’t already heard – two bodies were found in suitcases on Alki Beach in Seattle, WA, a few weeks ago. Recent news articles say the bodies have been identified as a 36 year old woman and a 27 year old man. They did not release names but said the victims were not from the Puget Sound area, which is the body of water on the west coast of Washington state.

The Puget Sound connects to the Pacific Ocean. I was thinking they could’ve been from Canada and were carried into the Puget Sound by the tide, but I’d be surprised if two bodies travelled that far in the current and still washed up at exactly the same time and place. So it’s possible they were dumped there, or somewhere close to there?

Does anyone have any theories on who these two unfortunate people are, and what may have happened to them?

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