Victoria COVID-19 cases continue to fall, national cabinet to meet over hotspots, hotel quarantine protocols, Australia death toll at 834

Speaking to Nine’s Today show this morning, Mr Frydenberg said there was an expectation that 60 per cent of people in the December and March quarters will be from Victoria.

“So there will be more people on JobKeeper than from all the other states combined. And in that quarter of December we are talking about $11 billion from the Federal Government going to support Victorians with JobKeeper,” he said.

Throughout the week the Treasurer has said the federal government has been giving advice to the Victorian government, urging a quicker easing of restrictions.

“What we would like to see is those restrictions eased, as soon as possible in Victoria and a COVID safe way because once restrictions are eased people can get back to work,” he said.

Victoria will be exempt from new rules on JobSeeker payments which will require recipients to apply for eight jobs a month to qualify.

“We are not putting the same mutual obligation requirements in Victoria, and that’s obviously a reflection of the fact that there is still is a curfew in place and stage four restrictions,” Mr Frydenberg said.

“Outside of Victoria it is a better economic environment. It’s only appropriate when you provide government support, that you expect in return mutual obligation and we where there is an appropriate and suitable job on offer that somebody takes it.”

Earlier on the program, deputy opposition leader Richard Marles said the government needed to release a jobs plan immediately.

“We are seeing precious little in the way of a jobs plan from in government so far,” he said.

“And ultimately what we need to be hearing from the government about is what is their plan to reconstruct this economy out of COVID, in a way which generates permanent long term jobs.”