What is that one case that everyone seems to be obsessed with but you don’t see the fascination? Conversely, what is that one case that you read/watch/listen to everything about, even though you know darn well that it’s not going to tell you anything new? : TrueCrime

Aside from the eyes, I think that someone’s true crime interests are the window to their soul! My answers are:

  1. Ed Gein. I honestly feel a bit bad for Gein – he was obviously extremely unwell, and his life seems to me like equal parts sad/pathetic and disturbing. It’s just not very interesting, other than it gives me the opportunity to say “nipple” and “belt” together.

  2. This spot belonged to the GSK for years until they caught him. These days it’s Israel Keyes. I never considered him much until I listened to the first two seasons of “True Crime Bullshit,” and now I’m hooked. I love cases that have room for lots of wild speculation and theories.

I want to hear yours! (And honestly I’m kinda hoping to find new cases to research!) I hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there.