Which unsolved case haunts you? One where you genuinely don’t know what happened? : TrueCrime

I feel like everyone has that one unsolved case that keeps them up at night because not only do you not know what happened, there isn’t a single theory that sticks out in your mind. For example, Jonbenet Ramsey is an unsolved case but there are theories that make sense to me, so I feel somewhat confident that I know what happened that night. But that’s not always true.

The Jamison Family is the one that haunts me the most. I have no idea what happened. All I know is that I lean towards foul play vs dying of exposure but I’m not even that confident in that. Was it murder? Murder suicide? Drugs? Cults? Hell, the paranormal theories make just as much sense as the other theories in that case. So much evidence, but they all contradict each other. If I could ask for one case to be solved, it’d be that one. Or MH370. I truly have no idea what happened to that plane.


I love unsolved cases, so I was interested in hearing if anyone else knew cases like this.