While you were sleeping: Rapid testing finally arrives

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Rapid tests begin to roll out in Quebec, but what took so long?

In Laval, schoolchildren are beginning to receive home testing kits for COVID-19 that use saliva, not a long nasal swab, to determine whether a child is infectious or not.

At Trudeau airport, passengers bound for France next week will be able to take a COVID-19 test in the airport before hopping on a flight. Read more.

Christmas Fund: Mother finally reunited with her children

For the first time in two years, all three of Brandy’s children will celebrate Christmas under her roof.

“We’re just looking forward to having dinner and sleeping over together,” the Lachine resident said. “This Christmas is going to be about sharing every moment.” Read more.

Montreal secretly took away his land — then sent him a tax bill for it

The city of Montreal claims it couldn’t locate Gilles Labrèche when it took his land without his knowledge in 2017, yet it mailed him a bill last month to pay the 2020 property taxes on it even if he doesn’t own the land anymore. Read more.

Nicolas: Montrealers are not the clichés that pundits and politicians think we are

One peculiar thing about Quebec is that every single person living here thinks of themselves as a minority. And everyone kind of is, to a varying degree, depending on the context. Read more.