Why does the TV show Unsolved Mysteries never seem to cover famous John/Jane Doe murder cases such as the Boy in the Box and Septic Tank Sam? : TrueCrime

The show is called “Unsolved Mysteries”! You would think that a murdered unidentified decedent would be considered the ultimate unsolved mystery as we don’t even know the names of anyone involved. Correction: I think the show has talked about a few cases, but only on very rare occasion, and never about cases that the online sleuthing community so badly wants to get solved like the Boy in the Box or Septic Tank Sam. Did certain cases become more famous in the Internet age after Unsolved Mysteries got discontinued?

The show also seems to completely ignore other unsolved famous murder cases such as the Dardeen Family homicides. The brutal murder of an entire family.

I regularly read true crime. My topics of interest are serial killers and unsolved cold cases, especially cases involving unidentified decedents. But for some reason Unsolved Mysteries has never interested me. I watched a few old episodes that have been uploaded to YouTube. No interest. And I also checked out a few of the new episodes on Netflix. No interest. Anyone else feel the same about the show? About it not covering anything that you find interesting?