Woody Allen. Thoughts? : TrueCrime

I literally just found out about this today. Woody Allen (actor, comedian, and director?? if you don’t know) is married to his ex wife, Mia Farrow’s, adoptive daughter. While he was with Mia he probably knew the girl for about ten years? And then in 1991, they got together. He was 55-56 and she was 21-22. That means he had known her since she was 11-12.

In my opinion this man is a predator. He has also been accused of sexually assaulting his 7 year old adoptive daughter, Dylan. He denied it and was not charged but the child has claimed for herself that he had “touched her private parts.”

In my opinion, this situation/example does not only bring me disgust, but it shows me even more how corrupt our legal system is, especially when dealing with someone who is famous…. not that that’s a mystery.